When you purchase a house you must pay attention to the structure, the lot, and any neighborhood irregularities. A condo is actually more complex and requires a knowledgeable realtor. The first thing to know is the financial health of the building, how much is in reserves, history of maintenance fees, the administration and board are also important since they will make decisions the will affect your home.

There is so much more to consider... which building is the right vertical neighborhood for you? If social is important to you, some buildings have many more planned events and activities. If you want a great work out facility, again not all condos are equal. How about privacy, noise, and elevator promptness. Believe it or not all this makes a difference in your choice. Pets Pets Pets like them? Have one or two? Size matters.....

We have made it our business to know each building and have unique insights into all these attributes. We can make sure the building is in your budget and meets your sensibilities.

Remember when it’s your heart, go to a cardiologist, not a general practitioner. All we do is sell homes in 7 luxury condos in downtown Saint Petersburg. And in staying with the cardio theme... we do it with heart.